Community Signage

Bryn Mawr Historic District

Porcelain baked steel identifiers of the National Historic District of Bryn Mawr Avenue in Edgewater. The design is abstracted from the 1927 Art Deco Belle Shore Apartment Building on Bryn Mawr Avenue.


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Andersonville, Chicago

Community Identifiers


Each banner is made with porcleain baked steel, and located on every intersection, on the gateway, and lightpoles on Clark Street. The design was abstracted from the Swedish Flag colors, and the historic details of the architecture.

The custom sidewalk inlays depict the date of the original Andersonville School, and the bells that were rung to clean the sidewalks in the 60's.

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Edgewater Community

The "Welcome to Edgewater" sign at the Community Garden, is located at Ridge & Hollywood Avenues. This was originally created and designed in the 1990's, with wood, brick and limestone to reflect the architectural make up of Edgewater's buildings.


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Edgewater Enviornment Sustainability Project

The logo for the local sustainability, not for profit group, which originally was the Edgewater Beautiful Committee, developed by Thom Greene in 1990 under the Edgewater Community Council.


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Ravenswood Gardens

This community identifier is a small scale porcelain baked metal sign developed for the Ravenswood Gardens Residential Group.


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Swedish American Museum



The Swedish American Museum boasts a large brushed stainless steel sign with back lit LED letters while being supported by the stainless steel decorative arms abstracting the crown of the statue of libery; where most Swedish immigrants came into the United States.

The smaller scale porcelain baked metal pedestrian scaled signs reflect the historic street signs of Europe.


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Edgewater Gateways

Concept drawing of a possible Gateway Community Identifier at major intersections leading into Edgewater, is reminiscent of the light house and pier pylons of Lake Michigan.










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